9 Easy Steps to Build a Digital Signage Content Plan

Every communication should have a goal and a way to measure progress against that goal. But if you’re creating messages on the fly, how can you think strategically? Use these 9 tips to build a content plan for your digital signage to save yourself time and improve engagement.

1)  Do some housekeeping.

  • Review your content contributors – managers, approvers, users, orgs & suborgs.
  • Update your software to see what’s possible with new features.

2) Reexamine your goals.

  • Are they the same as last year? (They shouldn’t be – all organizations evolve.)
  • Use a fresh eye to decide if you’re measuring the right things.
  • Create a list of calls to action in your policies to make it easy for content creators.

3) Reassess your audience.

  • Have their demographics or preferences changed?
  • What new technology or trends might affect the way they view communications?
  • Can you localize, gamify or personalize more than you have in the past?
  • Ask them – not just bulk surveys, but at the team level and one-on-one.

4) Build on what worked; scrap what didn’t.

  • Clean out old content and artwork. Old messages may inspire new ideas.
  • Redesign anything that’s evergreen. Use new imagery to recapture attention.
  • Refresh your layout designs. Even moving your logo can make it look new.

5) Start a calendar.

  • This lets you visualize where the holes are in your schedule.
  • Color code for different content buckets – playlists, departments, topics or type.
  • Mix and match to make sure there’s a wide variety of content.

6) Start with the easy stuff.

  • Always on screen – weather, date/time, events, directories, etc.
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, trivia, motivational quotes.
  • Any weekly or monthly messages like recycling, DEI, wellness reminders?

7) Start scheduling creative time now.

  • Get projects on designers’ calendars ASAP and discuss content goals with them.
  • Create and schedule in batches whenever you can.
  • Automate everything you can with data widgets and subscription feeds.

8) Share your content plan.

  • Share your calendar so people see the big picture.
  • Update your policies – include a mission statement for your digital signage.
  • Refresh your team’s training.

9) Execute against goals.

  • Measure success for your calls to action.
  • Survey your audience to see if the quantity and quality is good.
  • Adjust your strategy as you go.

It may take a bit of time and effort, but once you build your content plan, it’s easy to work from that versus starting from scratch each time you want to craft a message or campaign. Think about building a plan for three months, see how it works and then make adjustments.

With a solid digital signage content plan in place, you’ll streamline workflows, deliver a better mix of content at a steadier pace and engage more people.

Save time and increase audience engagement with a good content plan - download our free infographic for 9 easy steps

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