8 Ideas to Measure Digital Signage Success

After you’ve installed your digital signage system, the job isn’t done. You’ll need to take stock periodically to determine if your messages are effective and interesting to your audience. In order to generate measurable data, you have to engage your audience and get them to participate. This will get you the data you need to determine ROI for digital signage success.

Include a call to action in each digital signage message that asks your viewer to take the next step. With a dedicated action item tied to each message, you can easily see results. In our infographic, we give you eight tools to generate both interest and valuable ROI stats:

QR codes: QR tags in messages send viewers to a website, survey, poll, or online coupon. Track the number of URL hits to easily measure ROI.

Dedicated URLs: Drive viewers to websites with a unique, trackable URL in your message so you can directly measure specific campaign traffic.

Coupon codes: Measure ROI by including a discount code or coupon in your messages to encourage viewers to act fast.

Smartphone snaps: Ask people to take a snapshot of your message with their phone, and tell them where and how to deliver it. Tally up the snaps that are delivered to calculate ROI.

SMS messaging: Use text messaging to poll your audience on any topic. Viewers see your message and send an SMS to vote. Just count the number of text responses you get for your ROI.

Surveys and polls: Display surveys as interactive media files or webpages on screens. Get great feedback and easy-to-measure stats for ROI.

Social media: Advertise social media pages and posts on your digital signs. Monitor stats during your digital signage campaign to calculate ROI.

Bluetooth triggers: Pairing digital signs with Bluetooth transmitters triggers a wireless signal to download content to phones. Increase ROI with more endpoints.

To get more expert advice, contact us. In the meantime, grab our infographic for handy tips on how you can measure your digital signage success:

Download our free infographic for 8 ideas to measure digital signage success

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