8 Conference Room Scheduling Tips

Whether you’re managing conference rooms, classrooms or office hoteling space, you want the reservation process to be quick and painless for both organizers and attendees. Conference room scheduling can be streamlined with good policies in place, and technologies like calendar apps and room signs. Instead of putting up paper schedules, or managing reservations in multiple places, consider a comprehensive strategy:

  • Calendar systems
  • Policies
  • Room assets
  • Schedules
  • Room signs
  • Naming conventions
  • Cancellations
  • Reminders

Simplifying room reservations benefits not only meeting organizers, but also participants and facility managers. It’s important that scheduling is fast, easy and reliable for people who are setting up meetings or need to find a space on the spur of the moment. Making sure people can find a meeting space, whether they booked it or someone else did, is also important. Lastly, facility managers need the ability to track which rooms are being used most, whether they’re being used efficiently (not 2 people in a room for 12), and whether bookings are being cancelled or postponed a lot.

Need some help managing your shared spaces? We can help. In the meantime, grab our infographic for 8 tips for conference room scheduling:

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