7 Mistakes to Avoid with Digital Signage

Once you install a digital signage system, you’re work isn’t done. In order for your visual communications to be a success, your digital signs have to engage your audience and keep them coming back on a regular basis. Since you are competing against a lot of environmental and traffic distractions, your screens have to stick out in the crowd. Some of the areas where we see digital signage mistakes are:

  • Display mounting
  • Screen layouts
  • Stale messages
  • Software updates
  • Audio tips
  • Call to action
  • Digital signage policies

So, if your screens are mounted too high, hard to read, blast out annoying audio, or show the same things day in and day out, your viewers will disengage. And if you’re not including a call to action, asking your audience to follow up and do something, you’re missing a huge opportunity for engagement.

It’s important to review your signage strategy on a regular basis to avoid stagnation. Oftentimes, a system starts off beautifully, but signage mistakes creep in as new managers or users or added – or worse, the system doesn’t have a dedicated manager.

Need some advice on how to improve your existing digital signage? We can help.  In the meantime, grab our infographic to see the most common mistakes people make with their digital signage system, so you can avoid them and maximize your signage success:

Download our infographic for 7 mistakes to avoid once you have digital signage

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