6 Ways to Optimize the Visitor Experience

From the moment people enter your facility, they start assessing your entire organization based on their feelings. So, optimizing the visitor experience (VX) is crucial to success. While this term comes from the hospitality industry (hotels, airports, restaurants) it also applies to anything from a university or corporate campus to a sports facility or museum. Here are six ways to ensure people have a positive experience at your facility and want to come back.

  1. Know Your Visitors
    • Analyze web traffic and visitor demographics.
    • Give general information ahead of time, using a website or registration system.
    • Ask for simple feedback, like “how did you hear about us”?
  2. First Impressions Matter
    • Match the internal experience with your external presentation, whether that’s the exterior of a building, website or marketing efforts.
    • Make sure everything is clearly signposted and logically organized at the entrance, so people can find what they want quickly.
  3. Make It Comfortable & Inviting
    • Welcome visitors using trained staff or digital signage messages.
    • If there are health or security protocols, streamline them.
    • If there’s a check-in or check-out process, make it as smooth as possible for the visitor.
    • Make instructions succinct but friendly.
    • Use wayfinding and directories to make it easier for people to find what they want.
    • Reduce perceived wait times by using a queuing system.
    • Ensure everything in the visitor experience is ADA compliant.
  4. Make it Seamless & Personal
    • Display event schedules on digital signs and meeting room signs.
    • Use interactive screens so people can explore on their own to find what they need.
    • Have tips for getting more info, traffic data, public transportation schedules, etc.
    • Use QR codes and short URLs so people can take info with them on their mobile device.
    • Offer information in multiple languages, if appropriate.
  5. Make Safety a Priority
    • Integrate your digital signs with an alert notification system.
    • Clearly display health and safety policies, and keep them updated.
    • Outline current protocols, such as mask requirements, social distancing, etc.
    • Use a space management system to show capacities for rooms, elevators and the like.
  6. Get Feedback & Adjust
    • Provide simple, user-friendly ways to get feedback.
    • Respond to suggestions or complaints quickly.
    • Follow up with all visitors to thank them for their visit and encourage their return.
    • Make adjustments as needed to continue optimizing the visitor experience.
Download our handy infographic for six tips on how to improve your visitor experience (VX)