6 Places You Should Be Using Digital Signs On Campus

You only have a few seconds to engage busy students, staff and visitors at college and universities. Where you put your campus digital signage displays is as important as what you put on them. Some of these may sound obvious, but the benefits of covering all of your high-traffic areas are countless:

Entrances and exits – make sure you capture audience attention right when people enter the building and give them information for the commute or upcoming events before they leave.

Common areas – when students or visitors gather and linger in a lobby or lounge, it gives you the opportunity to present more messages in your playlist or longer videos.

Cafeterias – menu boards with meal options, daily specials and nutritional info can make waiting in lines feel shorter for your customers, all while providing useful information they need.

Libraries – highlight areas for popular resources (possibly as interactive wayfinding), explain check-out and return policies, and post new arrivals on your displays.

Computer labs – show maps of the lab with available and reserved stations (you can even offer interactive booking on screens), along with IT and security policies.

Bookstores – advertise learning resources, tech tools and branded merchandise; offer discounts and explain the buyback process.

If you’d like to get guidance on campus digital signage, we’re here to help. In the meantime, grab our infographic to discover six places you should put your campus digital signage displays:

Download our free infographic to see the 6 best places to put your campus digital signage displays

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