5 Tips for Better Visual Communications

Visual communications can include any image that’s used to communicate an idea. It can be a poster, video or digital signage message – anything visual that’s used to inform, engage, entertain, educate and motivate your audience.

Modern communicators know that people are drawn to graphics and animation, so we use visual messaging to break through the many distractions our audiences have competing for their attention. However, it’s not as easy as putting up a pretty picture. You have to understand some important communications principles:

  • Remember it’s a dialogue
  • Set communication goals
  • Choose the right delivery methods
  • Design clear, attractive messages
  • Follow up to avoid confusion

These may sound like obvious tips, but it’s easy to forget one or more of them along the way. Communicators can often drift from these principles as workloads mount and distractions pull them in different directions.

Plan to review your visual communications processes on a regular basis to avoid these mistakes creeping in. And don’t do it solo – bring your team together so you can benefit from different viewpoints and creativity.

Need help with visual communications? We can help.  In the meantime, our infographic will walk you through five important tips for improving your messages:

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