30 New Internal Communication Statistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the role of internal communications. A recent study asked IC professionals about the challenges and opportunities that will influence their plans for the next few years. Here are 30 surprising internal communication statistics from that study:

Influence & EX

  • 66% of IC pros say influence on senior leadership increased due to the pandemic
  • Just 40% have an overarching IC strategy to cover more than one year
  • 68% say employee experience (EX) is discussed at C-suite level
  • 20% say EX isn’t discussed at the executive level
  • 37% have change plans in place for new information and collaboration tools
  • 27% do not have a clear strategy for handling digital experience as part of EX

Focus & Resources

  • 49% Will focus on engaging teams around purpose, strategy, values
  • 41% Plan to develop / refresh their IC strategy, framework and tone of voice
  • 40% Will dedicate resources to improving digital / social channels
  • 54% Featuring diverse voices / inclusivity
  • 46% Authenticity in messages
  • 43% Employee advocacy / user-generated content strategies
  • 42% Subscription models for IC (choosing how you’re communicated with)
  • 33% Drive for integrated, omnichannel frameworks
  • 32% Data-driven cultures
  • 21% Experiential communications (integrating all 5 senses)

Omni-channel Communications

  • 46% plan on greater investment in digital channels
  • Only 51% have channel-specific editorial calendars or frameworks in place
  • 31% want stronger emphasis on employee voice and feedback
  • 52% have no plans to let employees choose how they receive communications

Content Priorities

  • 70% will increase focus on mental health and employee wellbeing
  • 55% will focus on diversity and inclusion
  • 52% will focus on new ways of working
  • 47% see a need for increased leadership visibility
  • 17% will focus on presenting a more authentic tone of voice

Measuring ROI

  • 50% systematically track channel reach (if people receive your message)
  • 75% track employee understanding of key topics
  • Fewer than 1 in 4 systematically track overall IC satisfaction, behavior change, & business outcomes

Main challenges in measuring impact:

  • 73% lack of time and resource
  • 27% no interest from the business

Source: Gallagher State of the Sector 2021: The definitive global survey of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape.

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