20 Digital Signage Ideas for Libraries

Library digital signage can help you engage your visitors and guide them through your facility. Whether you’re showing library wayfinding, new books and resources, or policies and tips, good library signs can reduce confusion for your guests and free up your staff for more personal service. You may not have thought of all of the messages that are possible on digital signs,  so here are some quick library signage ideas:

  1. Welcome messages and hours of operation
  2. Announcements for visitors and staff
  3. Parking and public transportation info
  4. New books and media arrivals
  5. Staff picks for books and resources
  6. Check out and return policies
  7. Special events, classes and readings
  8. Workstations and rooms availability
  9. Tour times and registration info
  10. Research and reading tips
  11. Wayfinding maps of the library and the local area
  12. Author bios and most popular works
  13. Café menus and nutritional info
  14. Facility rental information
  15. ADA services available
  16. Online learning opportunities
  17. Community announcements and events
  18. Local business directory or advertising
  19. Current weather and forecast
  20. Inspirational quotes, health tips and more

Want to learn how digital signs can help engage library visitors? Contact us. In the meantime, download our free infographic with 20 content ideas you can put on screen today:

Download the free infographic: 20 Digital Signage Ideas for Libraries

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