12 Ways to Streamline Space Booking

As flexible workspace becomes the norm, user-friendly reservation systems are crucial for a happy and productive work environment. Without an easy, efficient way to book the space they need, your employees can’t thrive. Use these tips to optimize and streamline space booking for everyone in your organization:

  1. Use a Centralized System: Establish a central booking or calendar system for all meeting rooms, desks and other shared spaces. Make sure it easily integrates with external schedule display and booking tools.
  2. Invest in Smart Technologies: Explore smart technologies and software solutions. From BYOD booking on smartphones to digital signage, these tools simplify booking and provide real-time availability updates.
  3. Utilize Office Hoteling: Let people reserve desks or workstations for short timespans using a calendar or reservation system. This guarantees them a workspace, even if they don’t have a permanent desk.
  4. Embrace Hotdesking: Allow employees to choose an available desk or workspace based on their needs for the day, without a reservation in advance. Encourage employees to arrive early to secure their spot.
  5. Create Reservation Time Blocks: Establish default time blocks in 15-minute increments for space reservations to optimize resource allocation and avoid long bookings for short meetings.
  6. Establish Priority-Based Booking: Support critical tasks with priority bookings. Definecriteria, such as seniority, project urgency or departmental requirements, to maintain fairness and productivity.
  7. Promote Shared Calendars: Encourage employees to share their digital calendars, enabling others to see their availability and book meetings accordingly. This transparency minimizes booking conflicts.
  8. Implement Reminders: Send automated reminders to confirm space bookings, helping to reduce no-shows and optimize resource utilization.
  9. Establish Booking Policies: Develop and communicate clear guidelines to maintain fairness and avoid conflicts. Establish rules on booking duration, cancellation policies and amenities for shared spaces.
  10. Provide Training: Ensure everyone is trained on your reservation system, booking tools, and the tech and amenities in each space so they can be comfortable and efficient wherever they’re working.
  11. Leverage Analytics: Gain insights into space booking and utilization trends and occupancy rates, and identify areas that require adjustment, such as reworking layouts or allocating more resources to high-demand spaces.
  12. Foster a Culture of Feedback and Adaptation: Regularly gather feedback from employees regarding the spaces you offer and the space booking process. Create channels for suggestions and improvements.

By using these tips to streamline space booking into a well-organized and adaptable system, you’ll lay the foundation for a more productive and enjoyable work experience for everyone. But remember, it’s not just a one and done. Continuous evaluation and adjustment of your space booking strategies will help your organization continue to thrive in the evolving landscape of hybrid work.

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