12 Ideas for Digital Retail Signs

Four out of five brands notice a 33% increase in sales after adopting digital signage. Here are 12 ideas for digital retail signs you can use to boost sales and improve the in-store experience:

1. Your product: The most obvious thing to share on screens is the products, services or experiences you offer. Use short descriptions and enticing visuals.

2. Your story: Use storytelling techniques to deepen the customer relationship to your products and brand. Focus on benefits instead of features.

3. Your brand: Promote your brand story to reinforce your mission, values and community. Share employee insights. Be transparent and inclusive.

4. Special offers: Advertise special offers, sales and discounts. Showing a countdown on digital retail signs can prompt bargain hunters to act fast.

5. Digital coupons: Give people a digital code to use at checkout for a reward or discount. Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency to drive sales.

6. Traffic targets: Show different content on different screens to prompt buyers to visit other areas of your store, driving traffic where you need it.

7. Online reviews: Bring the online experience to your in-store screens. Show reviews and testimonials to mimic online shopping and build trust.

8. User-generated content: Prompt visitors to post selfies, reviews, thanks to staff and more using a social tag. Display social posts in real time.

9. Interactive options: Let people use touchscreens to sign up for loyalty programs and exclusive offers, and take polls and surveys.

10. Wayfinding and directories: if you have a large venue, helping people navigate to areas, departments or other stores will be much appreciated.

11. Self-service kiosks: Reduce wait times and give customers a sense of control over their experience. This frees up staff for more personal service.

12. POS ads: Show point-of-sale ads at checkouts to encourage last-minute purchases, enrollment in loyalty programs and special offers.

If you’re interested in a retail digital signs for your venue, we can help. Listen to our podcast for more great ideas and real-world examples, or contact us to get a quote.

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