10 Gamification Tips for Digital Signs

Gamification is one of the hot new buzzwords, and is being used by lots of companies to motivate and engage their workforce. This is using elements usually found in games – rules, scoring, achievements and competition, in non-game contexts. It’s really just another way to use metrics – anything that can be measured through time can be gamified. You just need to have some clear rules that are in effect for a finite period of time, a way to measure progress, a way to display that progress, and rewards for “winners”. A few simple gamification tips can help.

With a little gamification, you can transform your digital signage from something that just pushes information out to your audience into something that encourages them to interact with your organization and its specific goals in real, measurable ways.

If you’re thinking about digital signage for your business, we can help. In the meantime, check out our infographic for 10 gamification tips and details on how gamifying your digital signs can help you engage your audiences:

  1. Think about the goal
  2. Create buzz
  3. Keep it voluntary
  4. Make it easy to play
  5. Keep the game fun
  6. Reward different levels
  7. Show progress to goals
  8. Clearly define prizes
  9. Don’t delay rewards
  10. Celebrate success
Download the free infographic: 10 Gamification Tips for Digital Signage

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