Digital Signage Best Practices Guide

Whether you’re buying digital signage for the first time, looking to expand your current system, or doing an audit, this guide can help. We’ve compiled best practices from 20 years of serving customers using everything from a single screen in the lobby to campus-wide and global signage deployments. Regardless of your goals, environment or audience, our Digital Signage Best Practices can help you communicate better.

Our guide gives you quick-read tips for every step of the way, from how to plan and shop for a system, to getting up and running with great content, to maintenance and ROI measurement. Every step of the way is about audience engagement, with quick, practical tips you can use today:

Planning for Success

  • Build your team
  • Agree on goals
  • Map out screens
  • Consider content
  • Plan policies
  • Write a project plan

Shopping for Software

  • Get a CMS designed for organizational communications
  • Make sure it has easy design tools
  • Evaluate data integration features
  • Consider alerts and interactivity
  • Know your purchasing options
  • Organizations of any size can benefit from using

Implementing the System

  • Consider a pilot
  • Attend training
  • Prep for launch
  • Make a fuss

Creating Content

  • Understand your audience
  • Design beautiful content
  • Include calls to action (CTA)
  • Get hands-off

Maintaining Momentum

  • Refresh content
  • Update software
  • Revisit training
  • Enhance and expand
  • Get inspired