AxisTV Signage Suite Networking Guide

AxisTV Signage Suite is available as software-only, pre-imaged PCs or hosted in the cloud. We’re here to help with digital signage network questions, and our guide will give you a good start – whether you’re choosing or deploying a digital signage solution.

Signage Suite lets you create content-rich signage using our three apps:

  • AxisTV Design, the content creation app
  • AxisTV Manage, the content management system (CMS)
  • AxisTV Engage, the playback engine

We know you have a lot on your plate, so we’re here to help you deploy the system on your network quickly and painlessly, so you can satisfy your internal customers as soon as possible. And if issues come up, our award-winning technical support team is always on hand to help.

Whichever Signage Suite product you choose, AxisTV Signage Suite gives you the means to monitor, update and grow your system with ease.

Download our Networking Guide to get all of the details you need to build and deploy an AxisTV Signage Suite system:

  • Meet the Apps
  • How it Works
  • Sample System Diagram
  • Network Requirements
  • Ports and Protocols
  • Bandwidth Utilization
  • System Specifications
  • AxisTV Design
  • Content Manager
  • Media Players
  • Software Updates
  • Software Support & Maintenance Subscription
  • Hardware Trade-In