Discontinued Products

Let Us Help Evolve Your System

When Visix launched AxisTV digital signage software in 1999, the world of technology was very different. Today, PCs are faster, hardware is more sophisticated and network security is much more important. Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP Professional/Embedded operating systems are now obsolete, and there’s no guarantee current software releases will run well on older hardware.

But there’s good news! Visix maintains an upgrade path for our clients, and we’re happy to work with you to choose the best new hardware and software for your needs. Our software updates are available free of charge to clients with a support agreement. Hardware upgrades aren’t covered, but we offer a hardware upgrade program at a discount.

If you need some advice or are interested in upgrading your software or hardware, contact us.

Visix has discontinued support for the following:

Product Discontinued Support
MeetingMinder™ EPS 60August 31, 2021
AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.21 or olderApril 13, 2021
Connect v.2.12 or olderMarch 15, 2021
AxisTV versions v.9.8 or olderJanuary 26, 2021
MeetingMinder™ EPS Gen 1 October 15, 2019
MeetingMinder™ Touch10 Gen 1May 15, 2019
MeetingMinder™ Touch15May 15, 2019
Desktop Messenger PublisherNovember 1, 2018
Screensaver Publisher November 1, 2018
AxisTV Device ControlNovember 1, 2018
MeetingMinder™ Connect Gen 1December 1, 2017
APPOINT Software (all versions)November 11, 2015
MeetingMinder™ 1000i Room Sign (special orders available)November 9, 2015
Announce Software (all versions)September 1, 2015
MeetingMinder™ 1200i Room SignJanuary 9, 2012
Visix Media Appliance (Hardware EOL)April 1, 2011
CatapultJanuary 9, 2007
AgoraJanuary 1, 2006
PVC LineNovember 1, 2005
DubMaster Duplication LineNovember 1, 2005
Legacy Video Control ProductsNovember 1, 2005
RGB-300 InSight DKM LineNovember 1, 2005
Tech Commander DKM LineJanuary 1, 2000

Gen I Touch10/15 Break-Fix or Out of Warranty Repair No Longer Available from Visix

End Of Support Life (EOSL) for the Gen I Touch10 and Touch15 hardware appliances was originally scheduled for June 17, 2020. At this projected point in time, all serviceable units would have been out of warranty for at least two years. At the time of this publication (5/15/19) fewer than 50 units are covered by warranty.

Due to the changing nature of both foreign and domestic suppliers, we are unable to provide out of warranty or break-fix repair services for the Gen I Touch10 and Touch15 appliances for the foreseeable future. We are working to contract hardware appliance repairs through alternate suppliers. A capable supplier has not been identified.

Depending on the nature of the repair and product availability, it may be possible for Visix to replace the failed unit with a refurbished unit. Alternatively, clients may choose to upgrade to the Gen II Touch10 appliance released in 2018.

Please direct your repair requests to support@visix.com and upgrade inquiries to sales@visix.com.