Wichita State University Metroplex: Engaging Events

Wichita State University has adopted an AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage system for its Metroplex conference center. The complete solution brings together a cloud-hosted CMS with three Nano digital signage players and ten Electronic Paper Room (E-Paper) Signs, the latter of which dynamically display events and meetings as they occur.

Wichita State University Metroplex Digital Events Board
Wichita State University Metroplex E Ink Room Sign

The Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex (Metroplex) is a modern, 75,000-square-foot facility that houses university offices and meeting spaces. The Metroplex team desired large displays in the pre-function and lobby areas of the building to broadcast building-wide event messages, with directional wayfinding arrows to guide visitors to the correct conference rooms. Visix’s EPS room signs are surface mounted outside of each meeting space, with custom faceplates that display branding, room numbers and other content unique to each location.

AxisTV Signage Suite was selected by winning an ease-of-use comparison and meeting very specific visual performance requirements. The enterprise software demonstrated clean integration with EMS Platform Services, enabling seamless export of event data to both displays and room signs. AxisTV Signage Suite’s widget controller also simplified integration of the wayfinding application, with Visix’s Professional Services department managing customization and implementation.

The Metroplex team opted for a cloud-hosted CMS, eliminating the operational requirements and security concerns of managing an on-premise system. The cloud configuration also minimized upfront purchase costs and ongoing maintenance responsibilities for the customer.

Visix Nano digital signage players support native 1920×1080 HD resolution playback of AxisTV Signage Suite content, with an ultra-compact footprint that fits neatly behind each display. The Nano provides further value with low noise production and an active cooling architecture, ensuring quiet performance with minimal heat production and low energy consumption.