UPS: Delivering Upgraded Communications

UPS was so pleased with AxisTV software features after using it for several years at its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, they knew only one thing could improve it: an AxisTV upgrade.

Employee Resources Manager, Kelli Barley put it simply. “We knew it and we liked it. This new version gives us more options, additional graphics capabilities, and more options for fonts and colors.”

When talking about AxisTV, Barley stresses one term: user-friendly. Rather than relying on video or graphic artists, UPS can have its communications department create content quickly and easily. “I have two communications specialists that work for me who design templates that go up on screen, then through the content management portion of the software, our supervisor goes in and approves content. After she approves it, it goes live,” explained Barley.

Barley’s team was able to integrate AxisTV digital signage software with a conference room scheduler they were already using. As a result, conference room availability is more accessible and up to date by the minute, without requiring upkeep from the communications department.

AxisTV serves anywhere from 2500-3000 employees in the Atlanta headquarters, and according to Barley they’ve noticed the enhanced graphics and appreciate that they see multiple messages on screen instead of just one. “We have a lot to communicate and we like to vary our options. The TVs are located where people are standing or spending time. It allows us to reach them without wasting paper.”

The advantages of using AxisTV to reach employees are interrelated. AxisTV allows them to drive content to electronic media rather than print, so the communication team spends less time and consumes less paper, which is not only more cost effective, it also supports the company’s aims to be more environmentally friendly.

For employee communications, AxisTV also helps execute on the intangibles that communications teams are expected to deliver. Because her team can easily import PowerPoint slides from other departments, it encourages employee participation in sharing company news. It’s also an additional way to celebrate their contributions.

“We had a community service event, ‘100 Days Of Caring’ where we volunteered in the community. We asked each department to send pictures and how many hours they logged, and we used a split screen to present the various things they accomplished.”

AxisTV also helps connect employees to distant events. When UPS celebrated its 100-year anniversary, executives were videotaped at a special Founder’s Day event where it all began, in Seattle, Washington. When the anniversary was celebrated at the Atlanta office, footage from the Seattle event was shared with employees.

Barley’s team broadcasts to nearly 20 screens using 10 Visix media players, and she’s looking forward to putting more of AxisTV’s capabilities to use in the future. “We want to start pulling in traffic and weather, maybe CNN or other news stations as company news hits the market – using more to connect the outside to the inside.”