Treasure Island Center: Multipurpose Wayfinding

In the heart of St. Paul’s downtown core, there’s the Treasure Island Center – a 540,000 square foot property containing a mixture of different business and facilities. To help visitors navigate such a complex space, they needed custom multipurpose wayfinding, which the Visix creative team was excited to provide.

Treasure Island Center Interactive Wayfinding
Treasure Island Center Interactive Directory

The signage is very easy to use and understand at first glance, befitting a project for what’s been called America’s most livable city. Clear maps show each of the five different levels, each one coded with its own color to aid identification of key locations. In addition, exits, stairs, elevators, escalators and restrooms also have color-coded icons. A dark blue “You Are Here” indicator helps orient the visitor, and city streets bordering the property are shown on each map, further assisting with orientation.

There’s a lot going on in the Treasure Island Center, so the audience using their touchscreen wayfinding is quite varied. There’s the police department and the offices of Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, an orthopedic clinic, a Walgreen’s, several restaurants, a hockey rink (complete with team locker rooms and seating for fans), and the entire third floor is a casino, the cornerstone of the Treasure Island Resort & Casino.

That’s a lot of ground to cover, and since visitors probably already know where they want to go when entering the facility, they need the fastest route to get there. An interactive directory shows each potential destination on a list that’s color-coded to match the floorplans. The directory is sortable by tenant name and suite number, and each listing has a “map it” button that launches an animated path line from the digital sign to the destination. And since there’s a good chance the visitor will be going to a different level, there’s a button that replays the directions as many times as the person wants.

The Treasure Island Center administrators can revise the directory themselves, simply by updating a database managed in an easy web user interface created by the Visix team. So, as old tenants leave and new ones come in, visitors always have the most current information possible.

The digital wayfinding sign is presented on portrait touchscreens, with level and directory buttons at the bottom. This is not only visually striking but is also follows ADA recommendations for digital signs. Since the target audience is so varied, the venue needs to be able to cater to everyone.

The Treasure Island Center has quickly become a key destination in the downtown scene, helping create a sense of community with several innovations. For example, when there isn’t a game on, the ice rink is open for the public to use. This is one of the innovations that helps make this place an important part of the St. Paul community that draws more than 600,00 visitors every year.

With their clean and efficient multipurpose wayfinding from Visix, Treasure Island Center helps those thousands of people find exactly what they need, quickly and easily, for the best visitor experience possible.