OneAmerica: Everyone Gets What They Need

“OneAmerica is a company that wants to live up to its mission statement Vision, Values, Goals in a modern, eye-catching way,” said Christina Vysma, Internal Communications Consultant for the Indianapolis-based company. OneAmerica is diverse and de-centralized, with three facilities at their Indianapolis, IN campus, one office in Fargo, ND and another in Marblehead, MA. AxisTV corporate digital signage helps Vysma communicate to a wide-ranging group of employees. “We really get the value promised – communications in real time regardless of geographic location.”

With six digital signage players in Indiana – four in the main building and two in other buildings on the campus and another two in the Fargo and Marblehead locations, she has a lot to juggle.

“We mainly use imported PowerPoint presentations, tickers, and a cable feed – usually Bloomberg/CNN. We also internally produce branded wallpapers and video. We call the product Channel OneAmerica – our own internal TV station,” said Vysma. “Each company gets specific relevant content as well as general information for all employees. Everyone gets what they need. You know, Patriots fans in Massachusetts don’t want to hear about the Colts!”

They have certainly noticed results. “We saw participation in our United Way campaign go from around 30% to 50% due to ChannelOneAmerica. We went for a soft-sell approach but AxisTV got the message out. Another project OneAmerica focuses on is the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon in May. They need over 600 volunteers from the ranks of the company, and AxisTV is helping there as well.”

“Once you get past the learning curve, its a very high impact, low effort product,” Vysma told us. “In addition to annual projects, AxisTV gets the message out about a variety of other internal programs. We have employee benefits enrollment meetings every year and have always had sporadic attendance at best. This time it was standing room only and, again, it was AxisTV that made that happen.”

OneAmerica bought their system from Sensory Technologies, and was one of that company’s very first customers for AxisTV. “It easily integrated with our existing infrastructure, so that definitely distinguished the product from those of competing vendors. We secretly installed it over the weekend,” said Vysma, “and then sort of sprung it on the employees. Support materials were also a deciding factor when deciding on which system to use.” Vysma also said that Visix documentation far outshone competitors.

In their tower, OneAmerica has 12 displays one in the boardroom and one on each floor in the elevator banks. “I’m a writer, so most of these people don’t know me to look at me,” Vysma explained. “So I ride the elevator with them and talk about what is on the displays and get honest feedback.”

Not one to be satisfied with status quo, Vysma wants to continue taking advantage of AxisTVs impact. They are experimenting with audio, and future campaigns include targeting specific needs such as IT and retirement services.

“This is the part of my job that I really love doing. One of the great things is that the creation to publishing process is pretty short. AxisTV is well-supported, very user-friendly and absolutely delivers information in an effective, engaging way, said Vysma. Now that I have a certain level of mastery, I cant imagine not using it. Like getting your first KitchenAid mixer after a while you think, How’d I ever make cookies before I got this? Its indispensable.”