Lynn Insurance Group: Preparation Meets Opportunity

When the Lynn Insurance Group had their new LEED Gold Certified headquarters built in Boca Raton, Florida, they took the opportunity to change the way they communicated with their employees and visitors. “A digital signage program was more of an opportunity than a challenge because we had built a new building, therefore we were able to upgrade our systems,” says Jennifer Cantwell, Commutations Specialist for Lynn. “A vendor referred us to Visix and another colleague of our company was already using Visix. As a result, we had a clear-cut answer on which system to look into. We liked the familiarity of its interface, capabilities, and RSS feeds. “

For internal company news, Lynn displays content on screens in the lunchrooms on each floor, six total, while visitors see a welcome board in the lobby with company information. Additional displays near the elevators keep their audience current with what’s going on in the world as well as inside the company. “Employees really like the TVs by the elevators because it gives them better access to local and national news while in the office,” says Cantwell. Both local and national news are displayed as a ticker across the bottom of the screens.

Digital signage requests are sent via email or interoffice mail. Cantwell’s team works up the messages in Adobe Illustrator as jpegs and then sends them back to the requester for verification before publishing them on the AxisTV system. “The whole process can be accomplished in less than a day on average. AxisTV is a very user-friendly program. Posting and displaying communications is great because you can schedule timeframes for a message to display hassle and worry free.”

Lynn’s content can be quite varied. “Throughout our office we display upcoming events, employee benefit information, employee and local news, visitor announcements, and office information,” Cantwell tells us. “One feature which is most useful for us is the current and upcoming weather conditions. Being that we are an insurance company, seeing and knowing this information is important to our business.” Tickers for employees round out their digital signage content and up-to-date traffic feeds are coming soon.

“It’s informative and attractive to read company events and news feeds on the digital signs.” Cantwell uses AxisTV to create a sense of community in the workplace. “We put up slides of employee’s newborn babies, welcome messages for new employees, promotions, and much more. We also promote blood drives, local events, and coupons for upcoming shows with the system. The idea is to generate word-of-mouth buzz inside the company.” When there’s an event, Cantwell sends out an email and uses digital signage to reinforce her message “with the displays as reminders.”

When asked what they might be doing differently in a year, Cantwell says they have no plans to change their digital signage strategy. “We’ve definitely hit where we want to be with it,” she says. “Since we purchased AxisTV we have not had any issues with the software. Also, the training classes that are offered are extremely helpful to get the most out of the software features.”