Hamilton Health Care System: Clinical Community

Since its founding in 1921, Hamilton Health Care System in Northern Georgia has been expanding, and today has ten affiliate organizations.

Hamilton prides itself on providing healthcare services in a warm and friendly environment, and has patient satisfaction scores consistently at or above the 90th percentile nationally. The system offers a state-of-the-art emergency department, inpatient unit, intensive care unit, surgery department and other contemporary care facilities.

Their AxisTV digital signage system is part of this modern, community-building focus.

“We use our digital signage to reach out to both our medical associates and the public,” says Daryl Cole, Marketing Communications Manager. “We inform everyone about upcoming events, health screenings and the like. There are also public service bulletins on things like the importance of washing your hands and how to prevent heatstroke.” Other communication vehicles include mass emails and person-to-person communications for important topics and events.

Cole mainly uses Adobe InDesign to create his messages, and images are displayed for between four to ten seconds to keep the content fresh for the audience. He also incorporate video into their digital signage. “It certainly is a positive thing,” says Cole. “Having something moving on the screens gets a lot more attention.”

With ten flatscreens in places like the lobby, the cafeteria, the emergency department and at service elevators, Cole makes sure that his audience has plenty of opportunity to be exposed to their content. His department is also conducting surveys to measure the effectiveness of their digital signage, so they can adjust their communications strategy to meet audience needs and expectations.

In a dynamic environment like this one, Cole appreciates the fact that AxisTV isn’t complicated. “It’s easy to use and, being web-based, it’s easily accessible from anywhere. You can change and update content pretty effortlessly.”