Georgia Perimeter College: Bringing Multiple Campuses Full Circle

When Assistant Director Glenn Sierko explains why Georgia Perimeter College implemented AxisTV digital signage software at its four campuses around the metropolitan Atlanta area, the answer is simple. “You have to keep up with the times. It’s what’s expected by students.”

Yet the students weren’t the only ones looking for something better. High-definition screens had already been installed at various locations, and the time had come to make the most of the investment. The school’s new media team was using Enscriber for a distance-learning channel on cable TV and VideoNet for screens at one campus, but they were hoping for a simpler and more consistent process for delivering content. After just a little searching, they found the decision easy: AxisTV.

“There were some, but not as many as you would think that were providing that level of product and that level of integration with other products,” said Sierko. “You’d be amazed as to what our earlier legacy system was charging us just to maintain a VideoNet-based system.”

Adding to the cost, software updates were getting lost because they were still being sent through a traditional phone line and modem. The school had recently switched to an IP-based phone system, and they had to recreate a modem line just for the updates. It wasn’t working.

“We needed something that was network-based and that was up to date. AxisTV seemed to be best product that we could easily see,” added Sierko. “Visix has a knowledgeable sales staff. They had good clear view of what the product could do now and in the future.”

Today Perimeter College uses Visix media players in thirteen buildings to send content to large-screen displays, and it’s a more immediate communication vehicle for all four campuses. To help the school’s faculty and staff get word out about campus events, Sierko’s team created a media request form on the same page of the employee website where they request audio-visual equipment.

“If you’re having an event that requires additional equipment, there’s a chance you would want to advertise it,” explains Sierko. On the request form staff can request publicity on AxisTV, and what would have been a printed poster gets displayed on screens throughout campus. “AxisTV allows you to schedule, and the request form tells us how long they want it played. The calendaring program is neat because there is no need to remove slides after the event,” said Sierko.

“I think it’s nice to have what are essentially posters as well for events,” added New Media Designer Garrett DeHart, who takes the content sent by school staff and formats it for the screen. “We can run many of those at the same time and not spend the money for big glossy posters that we would have done otherwise.”