Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union: Big Campaigns with Less Burden

There’s one thing that that Art Director Ross Graham of Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union (ELFCU) likes most about AxisTV digital signage software: it works.

“We investigated another product marketed directly toward credit unions, with video rate boards, poster displays, things like that. It just didn’t work. We couldn’t get it to do what it was supposed to.”

ELFCU is a major employer in Indiana, and the Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union has six branches throughout the state. “We’re looking for different ways to control messaging in different branches,” he said. “It’s hard to get out to make sure one branch is doing what it’s supposed to be doing with posters.”

Today Graham uses one media player to distribute content to a lobby monitor in three of its geographically dispersed locations, adapting print campaigns and weekly changes in loan or CD rates.

He says the creative concept normally starts with the print campaign. “I just import the graphics I’ve already built into a PhotoShop document of predetermined size, one that fits perfectly on the AxisTV screens. I can move things around and make it look as good as possible for the screen. For stills, I just save out a flattened PhotoShop document to a shared server, and then upload it within the AxisTV interface. For managing content on video screens, it’s perfect.”

Graham says the system is also good to have when people come to him with messaging that needs to be shared immediately. He says that by not having to have it printed, the message is up within an hour.

But for Graham, the scheduler is particularly time saving. “I love that I can work on things days and weeks in advance and just have the AxisTV scheduler manage when the promotion is running. It flips the graphic on when it’s told, and shuts it off weeks later when the promotion is over.”

One of the branches with AxisTV is public, but the other two are on-site at Lilly facilities. In addition to promotions for financial products, rate boards and motion graphics to promote basic branding, the credit union uses AxisTV’s weather plug-in to let employees and visiting members know about outside conditions. “All our signage competes with other signage telling them what’s going on. So we needed something to break through,” he said. “The monitors look sharp – really slick. They’re grabbing people’s attention.”

Graham was quickly sold on AxisTV. “The people that came to show it to us knew what they were doing, they knew what they were talking about with the technology. They walked you through everything.” As the Credit Union expands, Graham expects AxisTV will come along. “AxisTV allows for really crazy simple uploading of graphics for immediate response on the system. Awesome! Plus…if we want, it can get more complicated…but we’re not there yet.”