Door County: Unifying Municipal Visitor Experiences

Green Bay area IT/AV systems design and integration firm Camera Corner Connecting Point has deployed the AxisTV Signage Suite content management platform from Visix, Inc. to provide consistent, engaging visitor information and wayfinding experiences spanning three different government buildings in nearby Door County, Wisconsin.

Custom interactive touchscreen digital signage for Door County Municipal Visitor Experience, designed by Visix

Visix-powered digital signage greets visitors near the lobby entrances to Door County’s administrative building, its library, and its police station and jail. Visix HDs media players feed Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive displays. The 40-inch screens, configured in portrait mode on Chief mounts, provide interactive wayfinding functionality as well as displaying welcome messaging and location-specific information such as hours of operation, public notices and event listings. Door County’s digital signage also leverages the Visix software’s dynamic data widgets to pull in third-party content such as directory listings, meeting agendas and event calendars.

Gary Huebner, CTS, AV and security senior account manager at Camera Corner Connecting Point, explains that Door County’s new digital signage systems supplement the in-person assistance that visitors receive upon entering each building. “The Visix signage solution helps them quickly figure out where they need to be if, for example, they’re coming in to get a permit, submit paperwork, or meet with county staff,” he said. “It provides wayfinding not only within the facility, but also essential information about the county overall. And if they’re meeting with someone, it gives them something interesting to engage with while they wait.”

Supplied with Door County’s logos and graphics, the Visix creative services team designed custom content templates for the installation to ensure a consistent visual experience across all three sites and to reinforce the county’s branding. “Visix’s rock-solid digital signage platform and the artistry of their creative designers bring a unified experience to those visiting these different facilities, with branding that is more cohesive,” said Huebner. “I encourage other counties and municipalities to do the same. It provides a much more streamlined experience for the people these agencies are serving.”