Amegy Bank: Fusing Corporate and Customer Messaging

Amegy Bank wanted to make an impact in how they communicate with two important audiences that require very different messaging: internal staff and banking customers. The growing financial institution’s new Houston headquarters, a multi-floor building with a fully functional bank branch on the first floor, was an excellent starting point as the pulse of the entire organization. With the goal of elevating all employee and bank customer experiences, they also had to reach their 20 branch locations in the Houston and Dallas markets.

The company turned to digital signage as a way to fuse corporate and customer communications over a common platform. This required a networked digital signage software solution that could serve multiple branch locations and screen configurations with timely and compelling content. With a small support staff, the software also needed to be easy to use with minimal remote oversight.

AVI-SPL, the vendor tapped to support strategic design and integration of hardware, displays and media, selected Visix for its unique ability to run both single and multi-screen digital signage from one central location. Visix AxisTV Signage Suite now powers the new network across 20 locations, with management responsibilities centralized to one person in the company’s Houston headquarters.

The digital signage network supports two distinct implementation scenarios. The 20 retail bank branches each include a 1×3 screen video wall behind the tellers, as well as public and employee-facing standalone displays. Each video wall is powered by a Visix multi-output media player, which expertly manages processing and playout of distinct images across each screen. Visix ultra-small Nano media players power standalone displays, concealed behind monitors but robust enough to support all functional playback features.

The corporate office doesn’t require the more experience-driven purpose of the video wall that’s essential to customer communications. Instead, 20 unique staff-oriented screens were installed in each branch to optimize corporate communications. Content includes staff messaging, corporate culture and company information, and local interest events that grab attention and engagement.

“Amegy Bank was new to digital signage, but they were very clear on the requirements for both the corporate and bank branch scenarios,” says Jason Cain, Regional Sales Manager, Visix. “They needed simplicity, flexibility and ease of oversight, but they weren’t willing to sacrifice the experience for either employees or branch customers. They also wanted to make it unique to their brand, which is very distinctive. Working with AVI-SPL and a cross-functional team, we made it happen.”

Branding was critical to Amegy Bank’s overall content strategy. The Visix Creative Services team created custom templates for backgrounds and layouts that align with Amegy Banks’ corporate branding. Customer-focused screens feature information on credit cards, mortgage loan offers, interest rates for car loans, and more general information on compelling products, services and unique customer benefits. The information is interspersed with news snippets and weather to keep interest and relevancy at a peak.

The bank digital signage has been a resounding success with both audiences. Messages reach employees at all branches instantly, and bank branches no longer rely on brochures, printed signs and staff to communicate the many services and products available to improve their banking experiences.

“The staff loves it,” Cain continues. “Not only do they feel more connected and in-the-know, but they’re able to engage customers more relevantly and successfully to up-sell and cross-sell products and services. It’s a win-win for everyone.”