Why News-in-Pictures is Better than Cable TV

Your digital signage has to show things people care about, and current news is one of the best attractors. It grabs viewers so they’ll check screens frequently and see your other messages.

There are three options for showing news feeds: tuner cards to show cable TV channels, streaming content, and news-in-pictures.

There are several problems with showing cable TV and streaming feeds, because you can’t control or filter what they show:

  • Commercials cloud the content being presented
  • Stations or streams might show inappropriate content for your environment
  • Audio is rarely set up well
  • You’re dependent on the TV news ticker

News-in-pictures is a better solution. It’s a simple feed has vibrant HD photos with news headlines summarized in a short sentence. It’s perfect for digital signage because it’s designed for audiences on the move:

  • News items are curated so you don’t have to worry about inappropriate content
  • No commercials
  • You don’t have to rely on audio for people to get the facts
  • It’s designed specifically for digital signage

A team of editors chooses news items that are suitable for public display in any organization, and all of the media is fully-licensed so you don’t have to worry about copyrights or royalties.

Best of all, news-in-pictures feeds are live and automatically refreshed without your content creators having to do a thing. You simply point to a URL on the web and enjoy engaging, automated content on your screens throughout the day.

  • Packages start as low as 33 cents per day
  • Choose from news, sports, financial and entertainment feeds
  • Auto-updating topics refresh regularly
  • Show stories in 4:3, 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios

With news-in-pictures, you can customize your feed topics, dwell time on screen, the number of news items you want to show and more. Now, isn’t that more engaging than a talking head?

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