Why Local AV/IT Integrators Matter

Visix has been partnering with a network of digital signage resellers for over 20 years. Regardless of whether or not you’re looking for hardware, we may bring in local AV/IT integrators to help with your project. Here are some reasons why:


Resellers are knowledgeable about the wide variety of AV, network, software and hardware components that your organization will need to get your system up and running. They can offer you a choice of manufacturers and tailor a complete solution to meet your needs and budget.

In many cases, your organization may not have the staff to implement a digital signage solution. Because your system may involve a lot of stakeholders (AV, IT, communications, marketing, management, security, etc.), an integrator can organize and educate your staff for a quicker, more efficient implementation.

If you do have your own staff to set up the system, partnering with a local reseller may still have advantages because it places less burden on your internal resources. Project management is key to a successful deployment (and your staff all have their day jobs), so allowing an integrator to take on the supervisory role can be a time and money saver.

It also just makes sense to leverage the years of experience a reseller can offer in planning, deploying and supporting a digital signage system if your staff doesn’t have that experience.

The same holds true for system expansions and upgrades. If you don’t have someone to manage or carry out the project, a digital signage reseller can provide that expertise.


Even though we offer support for all of our software customers, digital signage is just one part of a total system. That system includes a lot of components and sits on a network, so there are many potential trouble points – displays, cabling, signal conversion/distribution, servers, etc. A qualified AV/IT integrator can troubleshoot the entire system for you.

Also, since your digital signage reseller is local, they can offer a fast on-site response if you need help. In many cases, they can come to your facility the same day to work with your staff to resolve the issue. Although you can call or email the various vendors for support of each component, nothing beats a real live person on the premises.

And again, they have experience with all of your components working together as a system, so they may be able to locate and fix the issue much faster than your team or any individual manufacturer.

Lastly, local is good. Working with local partners keeps your dollars local and supports your community. Also, local AV/IT integrators will understand that community and local culture, which can be a boon when it comes to planning and executing a successful digital signage strategy.