Visix Digital Signage Software Update Tips

If you aren’t regularly installing digital signage software updates, you’re missing out on a lot of great features. In addition to new features, better workflows and fixes for those small bugs we occasionally find, our software updates can affect how your hardware performs

Wondering about the best way to get the latest Visix digital signage software update? Here’s our release process and some handy advice to make the process go smoother.

How do I know when there is a new release available?

  • Visix Newsletter

How do I get it?

  • Go to the Software Updates page for AxisTV 
  • Review the release notes
  • Fill out our Software Update Request Form
    • Run and attach your Configuration Report (for AxisTV only). This provides us with your current version, license key and number of players
  • Visix will verify your support agreement, and respond via email with links to download the current version of software and instructions on how to apply the update

Here’s some valuable advice for Visix clients who want to update their digital signage software:

  • Visix highly recommends that customers with large deployments (over 10 media players) deploy in a test environment first.
  • Always run a complete backup before beginning the software update process.
  • Visix Support Team is available to perform the update remotely for an hourly rate. This service is scheduled in advance.
  • Problems during the update? Email
  • Keep your Software Support & Maintenance Subscription current.

Benefits of a Software Maintenance Agreement:

  • Free downloadable software updates for your licensed Visix software
  • Free, priority response to support requests submitted via voicemail, email or web during normal business hours
  • Optional participation in pre-release software evaluations
  • Substantial savings compared to incremental update and new release costs
  • Reduced cost and time – no orders to place, no additional payments to make