The Advantages of a Software Maintenance Agreement

You’ve bought your big screens. You’ve installed all of your hardware. You’ve got your content management software set up. You’ve mastered your content designs. That’s it, right? Wrong. Even though your system is running beautifully, you’ll need to stay current with new software features to make your job easier and expand your system’s capabilities. The best way to do this is with a Software Maintenance Agreement.

A support subscription gives you access to new releases and bug fixes for your digital signage software. Visix publishes AxisTV updates several times a year as new media, player and integration options become available. Content management software can also be affected by hardware updates and third-party software updates, so you need to stay current so pieces of your system don’t break down.

Our AxisTV digital signage software agreement comes with a variety of benefits for a low annual fee:

  • Free priority support by phone, email and remote desktop
  • Complimentary software updates for your licensed Visix software (3-4 releases each year)
  • Free “5-day Forecast” and “Current Conditions” weather subscriptions
  • Optional participation in pre-release software evaluations
  • Substantial savings compared to incremental update rates
  • Reduced cost and time – no orders to place, no additional payments to make
  • No automatic renewals – we’ll always ask you first

Although we all expect the products we buy to work easily and consistently, technology – especially complex systems made up of lots of components sitting on a network – often require vendor support to get up and running. There are also times when you may just need some advice on how best to approach a hardware change, software update or day-to-day user questions. Having a support agreement already in place can save you time, money and hassle.

Compare the ease of picking up the phone to connect to a friendly support technician, with no need to consider cost or process, with the alternative:

  • Filling out a support request
  • Getting a quote on support hours
  • Getting internal authorization for funds
  • Issuing a purchase order
  • Conducting the support call (with possible additions to all of the above)
  • Receiving and tracking an invoice
  • Approving and delivering payment

Support subscriptions also let you jump the queue to get support before clients who don’t have one. And, they’re renewed on an annual basis so your coverage never needs to lapse.

Want to know more, sign up for a support subscription or check the status of your current agreement? Contact us.