Creative Income: Turn Digital Signs into a Profit Center

Most organizations view their digital signs as valuable communications assets – but also as an expense item in terms of capital outlay, labor and maintenance. Take advantage of technology. Why not use digital signage advertising to turn your messaging system into a profit center or budget balancer? Generate revenues by showing cooperative partner products and services to augment your content and offset costs.

Today’s digital signage solutions open the door for dynamic communications – meaning a high volume of messages at a low cost for creation and deployment.

It’s easy to create a simple partner program that you can use to advertise industry and/or community partners. Develop guidelines for file types, sizes and content restrictions; as well as and procedures for submission, approval and invoicing.

Consider the following sources of advertising income for your organization:

  • Vendor or manufacturing partner ads featuring products, sale pricing or incentive programs
  • Community businesses offering discounts to your employees or students
  • Local food providers advertising lunch specials
  • Bookstores offering industry-specific selections or motivational aids
  • Loyalty program provider (frequent flyer, rental cars, hotels, etc.) registration drives
  • Organizational merchandise (logo wear, etc.) providers
  • Event promotions for upcoming conferences or trade shows
  • Anyone who wants to get in front of your audience!

By controlling the approval, scheduling and delivery of advertisements, your organization retains the exclusive rights to your audience’s contact information. Discourage spam email campaigns and truckloads of direct mail by transitioning those advertisers to your digital signage program.

Income can approximate classified ad rates, or rival premier magazine rates – it all depends on the size of your audience, the number of displays and the frequency of the ad. Monthly programs are popular for ease of billing.

Things to consider when talking to advertisers:

  • Audience volume (remember to include visitors)
  • Number of displays
  • Frequency of advertising
  • Example:
    • Total building or campus population: 825
    • Total number of integrated displays: 18
    • Ad runs per day: 3
    • Average number of days of operation per month = assumed 20
    • 825 x 18 x 3 x 20 = 891,000 Potential exposures!

Whether you realize a profit, or simply offset your communication costs – you’ll be providing quality, controlled advertising to your audience.