The Customer Always Comes First: Use Digital Hospitality Signage to Prioritize Visitors

More people are traveling today than ever before – people from all generations, from all over the world, are going to destinations for business and pleasure, and hospitality venues are leveraging technology trends to keep up. Integrating your hospitality signage into a comprehensive visitor-focused initiative is an important way to stay on top of trends in the industry, and give your guests what they want. And what they want is changing.

It seems just about everyone these days has a mobile digital device, and this is just going to increase in the future. The line between offline and online customers is blurring – even someone standing in the lobby can also be online, interacting with your brand. People want, and expect, access to any information at any time of the day or night, and it’s a simple matter to provide that.

Many hospitality venues now have their very own online digital portal – not just a website, but an app that can be quickly and easily downloaded onto a mobile device. Through this app, customers can learn about on-site offerings, special discounts and deals, interact with a digital concierge and even check-in. Essentially, this app turns their device into an extension of your hospitality signage system.

You’re already pushing out messages to your displays, informing guests of what’s available and important to them. Touchscreen kiosks strategically placed around the facility let customers search through large amounts of information quickly and easily. These are vital because guests can access essentially limitless amounts of information that may not be easy to navigate on handheld screens. Plus, not everyone has a smartphone or tablet, or their device’s battery may have run down, or they’re just tired of using it and want some “real world” interaction. For those who are more comfortable using their mobile device, essential messages can be sent to the app.

Visitors today can come from just about anywhere. Having multiple language options for your interactive digital signs can go a long way to alleviating their anxiety and making their stay much more comfortable and problem free.

Wayfinding is another great use of interactive screens – both stationary and mobile devices. Easy to read maps and turn-by-turn instructions can be provided for getting from any point A to any point B. Combining wayfinding with proximity beacons lets you send precise directions to mobile device as the customer moves through the facility. This works because most people today have their “location” turned on all the time (and if they don’t, a simple digital signage message prompting them to do so allows them access).

Culinary options are expanding all the time – today people want to have a variety of choices, nutritional information, allergy information and info about whether the food is locally or sustainably produced. All this can be communicated through your digital signs, interactive displays and app. The same can be said for wellness offerings – not just which spa treatments are available, but what they accomplish and how.

Basically, people today have access to whatever information they want when they’re home, and they want the same thing when traveling. The more you can replicate the comforts of home at your property, the happier they will be.

This kind of focus can help build loyalty to your brand, getting repeat business, positive reviews and recommendations. You can even gamify your options, giving “points” for each on-site service taken advantage of (for example, 5 points for breakfast in the café, 10 points for a massage, 15 points for dinner) that eventually, when enough have been accumulated, lead to gifts or discounts. You could even offer markdowns for joining loyalty programs. You could also offer points for recommending other guests to your facility or filling out surveys and reviews.

Luxury today is more than just comfortable sheets and gourmet coffee. It’s familiarity, it’s choice and it’s access. The more information you can provide your visitors, they more they will appreciate it. By developing a comprehensive digital hospitality signage strategy that maximizes the potential of fixed displays, interactive touchscreens and a mobile app, you can increase guest satisfaction and loyalty. The more options they have, they better experience they’ll have.