Take Advantage of the Visix Learning Management System

What is the Visix Learning Management System (LMS)?

In August 2015, Visix implemented a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) for our digital signage software.

The LMS serves as a central point of access for all training resources, which include end-user video training modules, registration for web-based instructor-led training, training guides, recordings from the Visix Free Webinar Series and other handy tools.

What are the benefits of the LMS?

The Visix LMS provides four distinct advantages for our clients:

  • Different people learn in different ways. Having both videos and instructor-led training offers more options to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Learn when you want to learn. Although we offer weekly training classes to accommodate most clients’ schedules, sometimes you need access to training at times when traditional classes aren’t available. With video modules, you can learn on your own schedule no matter what time zone you’re in.
  • Limited time doesn’t have to mean limited learning. Video modules are divided into small, easily-digestible chunks. If you only have fifteen minutes to learn how to perform a task, you don’t have to wade through a lengthy video or a full training class to get the knowledge you need.
  • All your training is in one place. Gone are the days of one link to view videos, another to register for live training, and still another to access training guides. Now, you can find all of your training resources in one central location, which makes it easier to participate and track your progress.

Who’s eligible to use it?

All Visix clients can have access to the Visix LMS. However, depending on whether or not training was purchased and the type of training that was purchased, access rights may be different.

Clients who purchase the Training Subscription have full access to the LMS, which includes the ability to register for any of our seven instructor-led training classes, and access to view any of our self-paced video modules. Clients who purchase our K-12 AxisTV Training receive access to four instructor-led classes and all of the course video modules.

Clients who purchase custom training receive access to the “common” elements of the LMS, e.g. recordings of the Visix Free Webinar Series, What’s New Videos, etc., and can access all of their custom training from within the system.

Visix reseller partners can also request access to the LMS to attend instructor-led training and view video modules.

How do I access the Visix LMS?

The primary contact for clients who’ve purchased training will receive an e-mail from their Visix Success Manager with detailed instructions on how to access training, and a link to a short form to request access to the LMS.

Once we receive the request, we’ll generate an access code and send instructions on how to register in the LMS. You can then share the LMS access code and registration instructions with your team.

If you want to get started today, or have any questions about Visix training, contact us.