Solutions to Engage Employees in Multiple Locations

Communications and community are key to fostering an environment that allows everyone to openly share and grow. According to Forbes, HR leaders have five big challenges to overcome within the workplace. One of them is developing the right communication skills. Not only does this refer to interpersonal communication but corporate communication as well. With the help of Visix and its digital signage software, you can enhance your corporate communications and create a workplace that informs and encourages. Some suggestions are:

Shine a Light on Leaders

Promote a culture that values both individual and group contributions to the organization. Spotlight key team members and recognize their achievements. Individual players can land a large contract, but teams can also streamline a process or swoop in to save the day during a last-minute change. Honor outstanding teams and individual members for their contributions and you can retain the best staff.

Streamline Productivity

Coordinating multiple meetings during a hectic day or simply finding a room that is free can be difficult. Time is wasted looking and moving from room to room. MeetingMinder™ room signs can show employees event schedules and determine availability. Sometimes an impromptu session or simply a quiet space to think and review materials is necessary. Changes are applied quickly to the system and can be seen on all synced displays.

Communicate Clearly

AxisTV software allows you to create content that communicates the full agenda of workshops or important meetings, including relevant details introducing the keynote speaker. Messages are available on all linked devices such as desktops, displays, webpages and smartphones. All employees see real-time information on screens and never have to hunt down an old email or memo again.

Prepare for Change

There is no need to fear change. Build understanding about additions and company changes by using AxisTV software to upload videos and slideshows. Let staff know how upcoming changes can benefit them. Discuss how the integration will impact their productivity and processes.

Get the Message to Colleagues Now

Poor weather conditions, delays and last-minute changes are part of doing business. Keep everyone in the know with the most recent updates. Going to a meeting at headquarters? Find out how the travel conditions could be impacted by the weather at any location and plan accordingly. Emergency in the building? Get information to employees quickly and reliably!

AxisTV browser-based digital signage software allows users to create and deliver messages globally. All Visix software products can work independently or be integrated for an enterprise communications solution. Visix assists organizations and leaders in developing enhanced corporate communication solutions that promote a collaborative workplace environment and efficiently express details important to employees. Request a free demo from us today.