Simple Digital Signage Layout: Less is More

Have you ever noticed that the digital signage that really draws your eye is the one with a single, full-screen message on it? Using a simple digital signage layout leaves the clutter behind to put your most important messages up front and center.

Most of our customers are using multiple content zones on their screens – and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we usually have several zones on our own designs. However, the days of four content blocks, plus weather, plus date and time, plus a logo, plus a ticker, are at an end – and for good reason.

Putting too much on your screen is as bad as putting up a sloppy design in a single content block – people can’t read it. If you cram your layout with lots of different data, how does the viewer know where to look? It’s better to use a simple layout and change the content in your blocks more frequently than to try to put everything on the screen at once.

Consider using a layout with your logo, date and time, and just two content blocks. This will clean up the screen and let you have bigger content blocks so your messages are more readable. If you need a ticker, no problem. Switch layouts every hour to a single 16×9 content block with a ticker underneath.

We always recommend showing your messages for shorter periods of time and more repetitions (7 messages in a playlist at 7 seconds each). This allows people who are passing by to get a look at several messages versus just one that’s up for 60 seconds.

By using a simple digital signage layout instead of crowding your screens, you’ll enhance your sign designs and the viewer experience.