Short Form Videos Engage Gen Z Employees

As Generation Z becomes an increasingly significant part of the workforce, companies need to adapt to their communication preferences. Gen Z employees are tech-savvy and value visual communications, and if they aren’t engaged, they’ll tune out and find something better. They’re always on the lookout for engaging content that they can consume quickly and easily. This is where short video content comes in.

What Is It?

Short-form videos have exploded in popularity, driven by the rise of social media and changing online habits. These quick clips are designed to be easily consumed and shared on mobile devices, making them ideal for remote or hybrid work environments. Ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, they can entertain, educate, or promote products with animations or live-action footage. Brief videos fit perfectly into platforms that thrive on easily consumed engaging content, like TikTok and Instagram. Gen Z employees especially appreciate the authenticity and transparency these videos offer. By creating authentic, entertaining, and informative concise videos, businesses can effectively connect with this demographic and build stronger relationships.

Why Use Short Videos to Communicate with Gen Z Employees?

There are several reasons why quick videos are an effective tool for communicating with Gen Z employees. Here are just a few things that they add to your communications toolkit:

Engaging and Attention-Grabbing

Having grown up in a world of on-demand everything, Gen Z is used to getting what they want immediately. Short-form videos are their go-to for quick and visually captivating content that fits their fast-paced digital lifestyle. These bite-sized videos are perfect for capturing and holding their attention wherever and whenever they please. It’s the ideal match for the always-on-the-go Gen Z workforce.

Portable and Mobile-Friendly

Gen Z employees are digital natives who use mobile devices for everything. They use their phones for work, travel planning, entertainment and communication. These videos are mobile-friendly and can be easily watched on a smartphone. This makes them an excellent tool for communicating with Gen Z employees, who are always on the go and prefer to consume content on their phones. It also lets them choose when and where they interact with communications, giving them independence and choice, which is very important to this generation, even within the workplace.

Great Content for Digital Signage

Digital signage is all about dynamic and eye-catching content that captures attention and conveys information in just seconds. By incorporating brief videos into digital signage software schedules, companies can communicate important messages in a way that’s visually appealing and perfect for audiences who are passing by screens. One of the benefits of short videos on digital signs is that they can be easily updated and changed to reflect new information or priorities. This makes them ideal for communicating time-sensitive messages, such as upcoming events or changes in company policies.

Showcases Company Culture and Values

Gen Z employees value authenticity and transparency. They’re interested in a company’s culture and want to know what the company stands for. Short videos can be an excellent tool for showcasing a company’s culture and values. They can show real employees doing real work, which can help Gen Z employees understand what it’s like to work at the company, or what might be expected of them. Use them to reinforce company culture and values, and attract and retain top talent.

Tips for Creating Effective Short-Form Video Content

Now let’s look at some tips for creating effective content:

Keep it Short and Sweet

The key to creating effective videos of this type is to keep them brief and to the point. Gen Z employees are easily distracted and have a lot of content to choose from, so make sure yours is quick and convenient. Videos should be no longer than five minutes and should focus on one key message or idea per video.

Be Authentic

Gen Z employees value authenticity and transparency. They want to see proof that you’re living up to your mission and goals. They also want to know how their efforts fit into the larger social structure. Use real employees in your videos and highlight the company’s culture in a genuine way. Authenticity can help build trust and increase engagement.

Be Creative

Making video shorts is all about creativity and engaging visuals. Use animations, graphics, filters and other visual elements to make your videos stand out. Most videos can be shot and edited on a smartphone, and there are lots of built-in tools or apps that can help inspire you. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with different formats.

Know Your Audience

Take the time to understand what your particular Gen Z employees are interested in and create content that resonates with them. You can conduct surveys or focus groups to get a better understanding of their interests and preferences, or ask some Gen Z employees to create the content themselves. Peer-to-peer communications and recognition is key with this demographic.

Use Humor

Gen Z employees appreciate humor and are more likely to engage with content that is entertaining and lighthearted. Use humor to make your videos more engaging and memorable. Gen Z are known for their love of memes and pop culture, so incorporating these elements into your videos can help make them more relatable and engaging.

Use Subtitles

Many people watch videos on their phones without sound, especially in the workplace. This is where subtitles come in handy. Including subtitles in videos ensures that your message is easily consumed with or without sound. Not only does this make your content more accessible, but it also increases the chances of your audience engaging with and retaining your message.

Optimize for Social Media

Short videos are typically consumed on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, but can also be shared across your own internal channels. Be sure to optimize your videos by creating content that is visually appealing and easy to share. Use hashtags and other social media tools to increase engagement and reach a wider audience. But don’t include proprietary or confidential information if there’s a chance it might go public.

Online Tools for Creating Short Video Content

New to video production? No worries – online tools can streamline the process for you. Discover the top tools for creating dynamic video shorts:

Canva: Canva is a popular graphic design tool that also includes a video editing feature. With Canva, you can create videos using pre-made templates and graphics, or you can create your own custom videos from scratch. Canva is user-friendly and offers a range of features, including text and image animations, stock footage and music, and more.

Animoto: Animoto is a video creation tool that specializes in creating short videos. It allows users to create videos by simply uploading photos and videos, selecting a pre-made template, and adding music and text. Animoto offers a wide range of templates and themes to choose from, making it easy to create engaging videos quickly.

Biteable: Biteable is a web-based video creation platform that allows users to create videos with ease. It offers a variety of pre-made templates, animations and stock footage that can be easily customized to suit your needs. Biteable also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create engaging videos in minutes.

Lumen5: Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation tool that allows users to create videos quickly and easily. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your text and create video content automatically. Lumen5 also offers a range of customization options, including text overlays, music and stock footage.

InVideo: InVideo is a video creation tool that offers a range of features and customization options for creating short videos. It offers a library of pre-made templates, animations and stock footage, as well as a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create engaging videos quickly.

Adobe Premiere Rush: Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing tool that allows users to create and edit videos from their mobile device or computer. It offers a range of features, including multi-track editing, transitions, color grading and more. Adobe Premiere Rush is a more advanced video editing tool, but it is user-friendly and can help create high-quality videos of any length.

These are just a few of the many online tools available for video creation. Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses, so find the one that works best for your needs and skill level.

If you get creative, short-form video can be an excellent tool for communicating with Gen Z employees. It’s a highly engaging and effective way to capture their attention and communicate key messages in under five minutes. By following these tips, companies can create effective content that resonates with this unique and valuable group of employees.