Save Time with Digital Signage Message Templates

Not everyone in your organization is an artist, but you want lots of people to contribute content for your big screens. The solution? Digital signage message templates.

Message templates are pre-set designs you build so people simply fill them in like a form. You can add as many fields or elements as you like, and can control the size, placement and formatting of each. And you can make your template parameters as strict or open as you like, depending on how much leeway you want to give your content creators. Some of the most common template elements are:

  • Message background
  • Fonts, text sizes and styles
  • Image size and placement
  • Call to action area

By setting up the fields that should be in each message, you prompt content creators to provide all of the relevant information every time. One of the greatest advantages of this is including a call to action field on messages, so people always give directions for viewers to act or a link for more information.

If you want to ensure your displays reflect your brand, or are using coordinated themes or color schemes in your layouts, message templates are a great way to make sure everything matches on screen. They’re also handy if you’re using color-coding to represent certain departments or topics for your audience.

You can restrict certain users to only using message templates, so you can be sure that no ugly or clashing designs go up on screen. This also saves your content creators a lot of time, because they only need to pick the correct digital signage template, fill in a few blanks and schedule their message. If you like, you can also set up an approval process so you can glance at finished messages before they’re published.

You want your digital signage to look good, and message templates make sure every content creator has the ability to create good-looking messages quickly and easily.