Planning Your Digital Signage Cost Over the Long Run

You’ve made a sizable investment up front to get your digital signage system up and running. But you need to think long term. Digital signage is an incredibly versatile and effective way to communicate with your audience, but it requires continual maintenance and attention to remain that way. Be sure to budget for these professional services when planning your digital signage cost.


Visix digital signage software is very user-friendly, but you’ll undoubtedly add personnel over time who need a little help getting started. This also true is you expand or update your system, and need to learn about new features.

Our training subscription gives unlimited access to instructor-led classes and our online LMS for 12 months, and you can have customized sessions to fit your exact needs. You can also get follow-up and support for any training topic you need extra help with. Because there’s no limit to how many people can access training, and no restrictions on when it happens, it’s a perfect fit for busy schedules.


Periodically refreshing your content is a good idea – it keeps your audience interested and engaged because they see something new on screens. However, it can be a big project to handle on your own. You probably have people in-house creating beautiful content, but you might decide you want a comprehensive, unified look, or might roll out a new scheme across your organization.

The creative team at Visix can help. Our award-winning designers can create anything from custom templates to full interactive deployments. Your existing colors, fonts and images can be used to create a new look, or we can start fresh and support your overall goals with a brand-new look.


Putting up messages is pretty straightforward. But what about long-term campaigns and focused communication strategies? Our consultants are experienced in audience engagement techniques, and they can bring that knowledge to your organization to help you meet your objectives.

One of the main areas clients seek help is in measuring ROI – most are just too busy to develop a comprehensive and effective program on their own. We can help you design calls to action messages, A/B testing and other Return on Investment tools that will let you track how effective your messages are, and how to improve low-performers.


Someday, you might want to expand your system, adding new media players and additional displays. Or you might decide to beef up your deployment by adding interactive touchscreens and wayfinding options, menu or donor boards, social media boards or other new technologies to captivate your audience. We can help with all of these, and can provide financing and site licenses as your system grows.


Stuff wears out. Hardware eventually needs to be replaced, and software updates offer additional features you’ll want to take advantage of. AxisTV is usually updated about three times a year, and third-party software you’re using will also get updates. Our support team can help with updates, hardware trade-in, configuration and other issues that might creep up over time. And, renewing your Software Support & Maintenance Subscription regularly will ensure you’re always up to date.

Digital signage is a big investment, and you want to make sure that you have the best system you possibly can. Plan accordingly by budgeting for 18-24 months from the outset, consider future expansion and take advantage of the support that Visix offers to all our clients.

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