Pixel to Pixel: Easy Digital Signage Content You Already Have

If you’re looking for some easy digital signage content, how about some simple pixel-to-pixel content sharing?

Your department teams work hard to prepare PowerPoint presentations that contain valuable information for the rest of your organization and its audiences. With Visix digital signage software, you can show individual PowerPoint slides or whole presentations – just select, schedule and deliver them on screen.

KPIs and performance metrics are a great motivator, so share those town hall slides or quarterly wrap-ups to let everyone know how things are progressing. Human Resources is often a great resource for training slides, and your Accounting team likely has some great financial data and charts they can contribute. Marketing teams are rich in presentation materials, and can often create templates and backgrounds for you to use.

If you have the latest revenue figures, employee of the month stats or new schedules – why not share them?

>> Want more detail on Designing Digital Signage Content in PowerPoint? Download our white paper.

Web Content
Does your organization have a website, a student portal, an intranet? Pull text and graphics from your internet or intranet pages. Marketing and Communications teams can provide JPEG, GIF and video files that make great digital signage messages. Anything that’s worth announcing on your intranet news page can also go up on your big screens.

If you want to take it a step further, you can show off a complete webpage on your digital signs. The great thing about this is that it’s auto-updating content, so when you make changes to the webpage, the most recent version is always on your screens.

You may not realize how much ready-made digital signage content you have available to you. With a little sleuthing and cooperation from organizational teams, you can mold existing resources into visual communications that are dynamic for your audience and timesavers for you.