Naming Conventions for Digital Signage Systems

To effectively manage your digital signage system, you need to begin with naming conventions, or standards, that make sense. Naming plans cover everything from playlists, user accounts, and display locations to media and still image files, templates and messages.

What is the value of utilizing naming conventions?

Well, over time the number of users and locations utilizing digital signage software grows:

  • Increased number of users
  • Increased number of playlists & ticker lists
  • Increased number of layouts
  • Increased amount of content

Proper naming standards allow you to efficiently manage user accounts, create and schedule content, create and schedule layouts, and easily manage media files. Here are some samples to get you started.

Sample Naming Conventions

Server and Player(s) Considerations:

  • Building Name / Building Number
  • Location


  • Wieboldt  1F Lobby
  • Wieboldt 3F Hallway
  • FACS OTIS Dawson Hall North Entrance
  • FACS OTIS ASPIREClinic_Lobby

>Samples for Multiple City Locations:

  • AI Atlanta MediaArts Level2 Entrance
  • AI Seattle Culinary Level1 Entrance

Layout Name Considerations:

  • Location
  • Dept
  • Display Resolution
  • Number of Content Blocks for Playlists/Tickers/Video or Stream


  • Terry_1920x1080_1Block1Ticker
  • Ath_FB_1360x768_3Block1TickerRight_VFO

Playlist and Ticker Lists:

Consider dedicated playlists for widescreen content, vertical or unique aspect ratio content.

  • AI – Atlanta – General Marketing 16:9
    • e.g. Corporate News/Press Releases created for widescreen playback
  • AI – Atlanta – General Marketing 4:3
    • e.g. Corporate News/Press Releases created for normal playback

Include geographical designations to separate headquarters from location-based content.

Sample for Corporate News for ALL SITES:

  • Corporate – General Communications
  • Corporate – News & Events
  • Corporate – Date & Time
  • Corporate – Weather 3-day
  • Corporate – Weather Current
  • Corporate – Reserved
  • Corporate – Reserved

Sample for an individual location: Chaddsford, PA

  • CF – General Communications
  • CF – Date & Time
  • CF – Weather 3-day
  • CF – Weather Current
  • CF – Reserved

Apply the same naming standards at all locations.

Messages & Tickers

Define a naming standard for users to follow when creating messages and tickers.


  • FACS_OTIS_RSS_CampusTechMagazine
  • FACS_OTIS_EMS_Events
  • Ath_FB_Video_TixOnSale
  • Ath_FB_Image_FanPickofWeek