Meeting Room Signage: 7 Tips for Simplified Facility Scheduling

Whether you’re booking space for paying customers or internal departments, you want to make the reservation process quick and painless – both for them and for you. The simpler you make the process, the better your meeting room signage will look.

Here are some tips for simplifying the reserving of rooms that will leave both the host and the hosted smiling!

  1. Solo Searching – Provide an online means of searching for existing events and determining space availability. Making event organizers as self-sufficient as possible not only helps them, it also helps your scheduling office by reducing the number of phone calls and emails they must respond to.
  2. Show and Tell – Allow online access to information on rooms, including pictures, room attributes, etc. The more information you make available to facility users, the better decisions they can make when choosing space for their event.
  3. By the Book – Post detailed facility use policies and procedures on your website. Avoid misunderstandings about payment terms, hours of operation, etc. by having that information readily accessible.
  4. Request Convenience – Allow event organizers to submit room requests directly from the internet. Whether it’s purchasing a product or reserving a room, customers appreciate the convenience of online transactions. If a process that might otherwise require multiple phone calls and/or emails can be simplified to an online request and a single reply, you’ll have very happy visitors.
  5. A Reassuring Review – Email a detailed confirmation to the customer. As the person coordinating an event, the last thing you want to discover when you arrive is that the room is too small, the wrong meals were ordered, the data projector you need for your presentation is not in the room, etc. Sending the event organizer a confirmation that lists the room that has been booked, the event time, the resources that have been reserved, etc. reassures the customer and gives you advance notice of any errors or omissions.
  6. Remember Reminders – Send email reminders in advance of their program. While it’s the customer’s responsibility to be aware of the event they’ve scheduled, they always appreciate emailed reminders.
  7. Check, Please! – Generate a clear, concise invoice soon after the event. The customer would like to pay the tab so they can close the books on the event; your organization wants to realize the income from it.

You do both sides a favor when you produce and send an invoice immediately after the event has concluded.

Article courtesy of EMS is a Visix business partner that offers a line of sophisticated software systems for meeting and event management, academic scheduling, shared workspace management, and online calendaring.