The Advantage of Using Digital Menus

Why digital menus over print? Here’s 6 reasons why a digital menu board beats printing menus:

  1. Digital menus are engaging.

Digital signage is ubiquitous in restaurants, and diners naturally look for it to see what’s new, what’s good, and what deals are on offer. Digital menu boards are the modern way to entertain and inform, reducing perceived wait times and enhancing the dining experience.

  1. Digital menus are dynamic.

We all know that movement draws attention, and digital menu boards let you play videos, add pictures and slideshows, or show commercials and advertising. Why be stuck with a single, static menu when you can show vibrant images and animation?

  1. Digital menus are fast and easy to update.

You want to catch your audience and tempt them with the products you’re focusing on today. If you host your menu board data in an Excel spreadsheet, XML file or web interface, you can change product, pricing and nutritional information quickly and easily in once place.

  1. Digital menus let you daypart.

If you have breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, digital menu software lets you show what you need at the right time. If your menu is local and seasonal, you’ll definitely want an easy way to make changes. With simple scheduling tools, you can rotate menus throughout the day or season so you’re maximizing your screen real estate.

  1. Digital menus add real value.

Digital menu boards can reduce your staff costs by making the ordering process faster. In some cases, you can even employ interactive kiosks so people can order before they hit the counter. It also lets you target your audience and show them the right content at the right time – prompting impulse purchases.

  1. Digital menus are cheaper than print.

Even if you’ve got a fairly standard menu, you’re bound to have specials, meal deals or other promotions that will require additional placards or signs. Printing those on a regular basis can really add up. Also, there’s no doubt that your prices will change over time, so digital menu software gives you a flexible medium that can adapt to changes quickly and easily.