Meet the Visix Implementation and Success Managers

In this post, we want to walk you through the digital signage implementation process and tell you a bit about how our team is here to help.

Your main contact throughout the process will be a Visix Client Success Manager (CSM). Visix offers a CSM as your primary point of contact and Visix team liaison for every new deployment. They’ll send you all of the information needed for training, remote implementation support, etc., as well as connect you to any other Visix team members you’ll be working with. They are here to ensure that every step goes smoothly.

  • DISCOVERY CALL: Once your purchase order is received, a CSM will host a 45-minute call with everyone on your team who’s responsible for your digital signage deployment, including technical and creative contacts. In this call, they’ll walk through the system and services you’ve purchased, and let you know the process ahead and any items we need from your team.
  • CONSULTATION SERVICES: If you’ve purchased consulting or configuration services, a Visix Communications Consultant will begin configuring your system on an agreed-to date. If you’re looking for help in forming your digital signage strategy, the consultant will work with you to outline your needs and tailor a gameplan for success.
  • IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES: A Visix Support Specialist responsible for your digital signage deployment will host a pre-implementation conference call with your team, and will schedule remote or onsite implementation services with you.
  • CREATIVE SERVICES: If you’ve purchased any of our creative services, a Visix Creative Services Project Manager will contact you to begin that process. This can vary, depending on the scope of the project. It may be as simple as filling out a web form for a branded theme pack, or could entail a separate discovery call for more complex interactive designs.
  • TRAINING SERVICES: Your CSM will contact you with information about scheduling your software training, whether individually purchased training sessions or a Software Training Subscription.
  • PROJECT COMPLETION: Once your system is configured and implemented, all consulting and creative projects have been completed, and your training has been scheduled, your CSM will send you a project completion report.
  • NEED HELP? After your system has been installed and tested, and all of your services delivered, it doesn’t mean that we’ll leave you hanging. For support issues, you can visit to contact our Visix Support Specialists.