Get Started with Free Templates & Artwork

You have a fabulous new content management system. Now what? The first step is to create some beautiful digital signage content for your screens, but starting from scratch can be overwhelming. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with free templates and artwork that will make you look great.

We give every AxisTV Signage Suite client a Stock Content Bundle with over 1000 content elements to get them off to a great start:

  • 5 Layouts
    • 3 wide templates
    • 1 tall template
    • 1 small template
  • 3 Data-Mapped Messages
    • 1 wide event
    • 1 tall event
    • 1 RSS ticker
  • 72 Fill-in Message Templates
    • 4 topics
      • Anniversary
      • Congratulations
      • Generic
      • Welcome
    • All four topics are designed:
      • Wide, tall and small
      • Transparent dark, transparent light and colorful
      • With and without photos
  • 840 Pick & Fill Message Templates
    • 14 Message Templates
    • 10 color options
    • 6 different sizes
  • 123 pieces of artwork (weather, clocks, financial icons, dashboard icons, etc.)

Our layouts have all the most popular elements already designed and placed for you. You can simply swap out your logo and pick your playlists, or get a little creative by choosing a different background and moving elements around the screen.

Data-mapped messages let you pull in the most popular content for digital signs – event schedules. Once you’ve pointed to your calendar system, your events will auto-update on screens. The same goes for the RSS ticker – just pick your feed and let it run.

Fill-in and Pick & Fill messages are great for people who don’t want to design from scratch using our desktop designer. Instead, you just pick your template in the CMS, fill in the text and image fields, and schedule it to run.

To augment all of this, you’ll have a library of artwork that you can use to dress up your layouts and messages.

Remember, good digital signage design starts with good planning, so be sure you know what you want to say before you start crafting your content. Need some tips? Check out our Masterclass Guides.