Digital Signage Transforms Facilities Management

You’re no longer limited to placards and signs for building directories, wayfinding arrows to guide people, safety sirens for alerts, or static plaques for meeting rooms. Facilities management is a lot more flexible and engaging with digital signage. And using a central content management app allows you to consolidate all these systems into a seamless whole – saving you time and money, and making the experience better for your visitors.

Targeted Messaging

With modern digital signs, you can get rid of those old bulletin boards, and no one will miss out on an interesting or important piece of information. Digital signage software lets you publish messages to screens in one building, or across an entire campus. Or you can target your messages to specific displays so people see the content they need to. Staff might need to see announcements and real-time energy consumption statistics, while visitors would appreciate greeting messages and real-time shuttle mapping to help them navigate your facility.

Safety First

You want to keep everyone in your facility safe, and digital signage can help. With just a few clicks, you can override all screens to display alert and emergency notifications. These can be system-wide, or localized to certain media players. Activation can be manual using the software, or activated with an email, CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) triggers, or an API for third-party systems.

Consider color-coding alerts for different situations – severe weather, fire, security alerts. And always include very brief, simple instructions that can be read in a glance on screens.

Leading the Way

Have you considered interactive wayfinding? Touchscreen displays and interactive kiosks take the burden off receptionists and puts the power into the hands of your visitors. Comprehensive searchable directories and interactive maps let them find where they need to go quickly, while also exposing them to digital signage content you’ve created just for them.

You can also offer a mobile wayfinding app so that facility info is delivered right to visitor smartphones, using proximity beacons to deliver turn-by-turn directions as well as contextual content (like photos). Installing a geofence perimeter allows your facility to greet people the moment they set foot on your property, and encourage them to download the app.

Managing Spaces

Room signs show event schedules for meeting rooms and other shared spaces, pulling data from popular scheduling applications like Exchange, EMS and Google Calendar. Interactive models allow people to book a room right there at the sign. More affordable electronic paper signs are wireless, have long battery life and can be easily mounted anywhere – so they’re perfect for office hoteling.

Regardless of what kind of facility you manage, modern digital signage solutions can help you increase efficiencies, save time and money, and improve the visitor experience.

>> Download our handy infographic for 5 Ways Digital Signage Can Help with Facilities Management