Digital Signage “How To” Tips: Share the Knowledge

Why not develop a digital signage how to tips series for your screens? You can engage and educate your audience with knowledge transfer tips that add value to your visual communications.

Instead of simply pushing information, include useful advice in your digital signage strategy to gain loyalty and increase viewership. A quick sentence or a few bullet points can outline “How To” information to your audience and present you as a valuable resource – building loyalty and credibility for your organization.

People love to learn new things, and mixing in some best practices or quick tips on your digital signs makes you a knowledgeable, reliable, and (hopefully) entertaining source of information. This is especially helpful if you’re introducing new procedures, products or technology into the organization.

Choose topics from everyday surroundings, but don’t feel you must limit yourself to your own business. Consider your audience. What subjects are relevant to them?

Some popular topics:

  • Software applications – basic Word and Excel help are always appreciated.
  • Internet or intranet tips – how does someone get something online?
  • Community resources – how do employees volunteer locally?
  • Technology help – how do I get that new weather app for my iPhone?
  • Best Practices – what does my company want me to know and espouse?
  • Safety tips – these are important in every environment.
  • Study habits – students can always use the latest advice.
  • Health topics – everyone is interested in being healthy.
  • Recipes – most of us love food, and lots of us like to cook.

Remember to keep messages clear and concise. It’s better to publish one “how to” message every few days – rather than a bunch of them all at once – so people have time to see and learn the information without being overloaded. In general, it’s always better to show a message for 12-15 seconds and have it repeat a lot throughout the day for better retention. We recommend one “how to” tip per week.

If you have a series of tips or complex instructions, try referring readers to web resources or deliver tips in a serial format.

Keep the knowledge relevant and fun, and you’ll ensure that your audience will continue to anticipate and revisit your digital signs.