Digital Signage Masterclass Guides Provide Practical, Step-by-Step Advice

For years, Visix has been researching best practices for digital signage, looking at and developing new features and examining trends. This has resulted in hundreds of pieces of content for both current digital signage users and people who are thinking about it – blogs, white papers, webinars, infographics, videos  and guides. We now offer a series of Masterclass Digital Signage Guides that feature in-depth, practical advice for each stage of planning, running and maintaining a digital signage system. Whether you’re a new user, or have been at it a while, there is certainly something in each guide to stimulate and inspire you to make your communications the best they can be.

Masterclass 1: Digital Signage Systems Overview

A broad look at what digital signage is, why it’s effective, things to consider before buying a system, how to get a system operational, how to keep momentum once your system is live, and things to think about for system expansion in the future. Primarily aimed at new users, but also useful as a refresher for experienced digital signage customers. Get the guide here.

Masterclass 2: Digital Signage Communications Planning Guide

A more in-depth look at creating a comprehensive communications plan with digital signage at its core. Tips and tricks for getting and keeping attention, looking at what motivates people and how to engage them; different tactics to use for different generations in the workplace, and the new configurations of the workplace environment that have cropped up in the 21st century; recognizing that communications is about human connections, how to engage different teams, Human-Centered Design (HCD), and how to incorporate ROI directly into your plan. Aimed at both new and experienced digital signage users. Download the guide here.

Masterclass 3: Digital Signage Content Guide

What can you put on your digital signs? Lots of things, as this guide shows. Literally hundreds of ideas, including simple do-it-yourself content, automated feeds that populate the screens all on their own, tips for curating and localizing content, modern trends in communications, gamification strategies, ways to make money from you digital signs, the necessity of occasionally refreshing your content and examples for various markets. For all digital signage users. Get the guide here.

Masterclass 4: Digital Signage Design Guide

Keep your communications looking enticing and modern by following the tips in this guide. Digital design advice, the differences between designing for print and digital signs, why a call to action is essential; how to incorporate brand standards, best practices in playlists and layouts, why backgrounds are important, using themes and templates to simplify the process, how to write good copy, ideas for creating or finding compelling images, interactive design considerations, ADA requirements, the psychology of design, using storytelling techniques to create memorable content, how to measure success, common mistakes in design and more. For all digital signage content creators. Download the guide here.

Visix wants more than just your business – we want you to have good-looking content that is the cornerstone of a successful communications strategy. Download these guides and refer to them often, and feel free to reach out to our client services team for additional help.

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