Digital Sign Layouts: Animation Equals Attention

We all know that motion draws the eye, so why not animate your digital sign layouts to draw attention to your screens? AxisTV lets you choose either a single video to play as a loop, or a series of videos to play back-to-back as a seamless animated layout background.

That being said, you still need to consider the animation within the context of the entire screen design and the environment in which the screens sit. As with all content, animated layouts can either help or hinder – it’s all in the design and the scheduling.

Although animation draws attention, too much animation can confuse the eye and muddle the message. If you run a TV channel in one block, a video in another, animated weather in the corner, and then add a busy video as your background, your viewers might get seasick looking at the screens.

Our animated digital sign layouts are usually a subtle texture, pattern or lighting effect that catch the eye every 30 seconds or so. You can also use this feature to animate your logo or have an interactive hot spot glow periodically to entice viewers.

If you’re showing lots of videos in your content blocks, you’ll want to keep the layout animation very subtle or stick with the still design. In general, you should only have one prominent animation on screen at any time.

Also, consider the placement of screens. If they’re mounted high up, your animation may need to be more obvious to be seen. If it’s on a touchscreen kiosk, it can be more subtle.