Digital Signage Content Tip: Easy Text Resources

Continuing the theme of digital signage content tips, this article looks at fast, accessible text resources for messages and tickers.

Press Releases
Does your organization publish press releases on a regular basis? Do you receive newsletters or press releases from industry associations? Why not copy and paste current headlines into messages and tickers? Keep internal and external audiences informed about the latest news in your organization or industry by sharing relevant topics.

This is a great way to keep your audience engaged by providing “hot off the press” announcements. Viewers will come to rely on your displays as a trusted source of information, assuring that your other messages receive the frequent and keen attention they deserve. Remember to always site your source – include a Web address in your message or ticker so interested viewers can follow up on the entire story.

Reading an interesting book on work-life balance? Just received the latest copy of the Wall Street Journal? How about the feature article in your monthly association magazine? If you find these subjects interesting and relevant to your environment, it’s likely that your audience will, too.

In addition to delivering breaking news, sharing editorial copy is an effective way to round out your visual communications, adding a broader quality to the content that your audience experiences. Step outside the boundaries of the bullhorn to provide more expansive topics that your audience can connect with. Again, remember to always site your source and check out any copyright issues before using publication excerpts in a commercial setting.

RSS Feeds
Many organizations and individuals use RSS reader software to receive frequent updates from a wide range of providers. Why not share RSS text with your viewers?

Topics including news, sports, business, weather, finance, health, entertainment and more can be routed to your digital signage system to automatically create tickers and messages. RSS also allows you to deliver messages to any RSS-enabled device, such as digital picture frames, smartphones, iPads and other portable devices.

Remember to check the terms & conditions of your RSS agreement. You likely need a license to rebroadcast the information.

If you are looking for readily accessible text content that’s of interest to your audience, it’s likely that you already have a plethora of information waiting for you on your shelf or delivered to you on a regular basis.