Digital Signage Champions: Every Company Needs One

If you have a digital signage system, you know that keeping your content fresh and engaging is the primary goal. But who owns that content? Who decides on the strategy? Every organization needs a digital signage champion.

Most digital signage systems are researched and purchased by an IT Administrator. This makes perfect sense, since it’s an infrastructure and networking issue. However, once it’s installed, it’s no longer really a facility issue – it’s a communications issue.

Most organization assign content tasks to their marketing, communications or HR departments. Some schools allow student groups and department heads to contribute. But who pulls it all together to make sure you’re showing the right content to the right people?

A digital signage champion is someone who thinks strategically, instead of tactical. They look at the system as an opportunity, not a challenge. They assemble people from your various teams to look at things like audience preferences, traffic patterns and content ideas, so you can create campaigns that show up on the right screens at the right time.

A digital signage champion is someone who can:

  • Promote digital signage internally, so more employees get involved in content creation
  • Educate staff on your communication goals, specific to digital signage
  • Explain user roles and responsibilities, so everyone knows what’s expected of them
  • Outline brand and content standards, so your screens always look their best
  • Encourage best practices for content, workflows and publishing
  • Train staff on calls to action, so every message prompts your audience to act
  • Track ROI, and continually improve workflows and content strategies

In some cases, your champion can also work with the various vendors who installed your digital signage to keep staff abreast of the latest tools and tricks. Having one person stay on top of software updates, new publishing options (like web and smartphones), and the latest design trends lessens the burden on your overall staff and gives you an expert in digital communications.

If your digital signage champion succeeds internally, your screens will show it, audiences will appreciate it, and they’ll engage with your communications. After all, isn’t that the point?

If you’d like more advice on how to engage audiences, download our white paper.