Digital Signage: Call to Action is Essential

You may think we’re repeating ourselves, but we feel this subject is important enough to cover it again. Including a call to action is the most important part of digital signage content design. And it’s not just design…it’s strategy. If you don’t ask your audience to take action, you’ll never know if your messages are working.

Let’s define “working”. From our perspective, a successful digital signage message is one that produces results. Those results have to be obvious and measureable. That means that there has to be some sort of action taken by viewers so you know they’ve seen, read and understood your message – but also that they’ve been motivated to take the action you want them to.

You may think that you don’t need people to take action, only to read the message. But, think about it…everything you put in a message is to prompt some action.

  • Welcome notice – invite your viewers to learn more about speakers or visitors with online bios
  • Event promotion – send them to a webpage to get details and purchase tickets
  • 401K benefits – refer them to online enrollment with benefits details
  • Menu board – give them a discount code on screen that they can use

Even if you don’t need a direct measurement for your message, why not use the opportunity to engage the viewer further.

  • Meeting announcement – promote your online events calendar so people know where to get updates
  • Social media promo – direct them to your Facebook or Twitter page so they can stay connected when they’re away from your signs
  • Bookstore advertisement – send them to your online store to see your entire inventory

Every time you design content, ask yourself if you can include a URL, a QR code or some other type of call to action that can further your message and engage your audience.